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Wizards and Witches can use their magical powers for good or for evil. The curiosity of the spiritual world is what drives witches and wizards to learn their magical art.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about how to explore the world of wizards and witches. There is a lot to the process. Please email tips and advice to

Blue Wizard Staring into Blue Flame

Witches and Wizards

Witches and wizards are mythological and yet they have existed for thousands of years, even before religions of the world. Since the beginning of time, there have always been people that have tried to excel over the elements of the earth: wind, fire, land, sky, and sun. It is normal for people to try and survive and to thrive. Witches and wizards find that they have some elements of control that help them to live in the world around them.

Spells and Potions

The first thing about witches is that they like to cast spells and to make potions. You can purchase all kinds of books about various spells and potions. However, the only real way to get the best knowledge is to learn from a real witch or wizard. What many people don't tell you is that the most powerful magic comes from within. You can create your own spells, prayers, incantations, and potions. The way to create a powerful spell is to look within yourself and your feelings. Then create some simple chants that get you into the feelings that make you feel closest to being good and closest to the problem you are working on.

Witch and Wizard Costumes

It is fun to also dress up like a witch or wizard. There are even witch and wizard parties that you can go to when it isn't Halloween. There are a wide variety of witch and wizard costumes. The witches will always have a black pointy hat, some witch makeup, some black boots, and a black dress of some sort. One of the things that really makes a witch costume is a good witch hat and some witch makeup (not too much). A witch broom is also a good idea to have around. You can drive the witch broom to the movies or chase a black cat around with it.

Wizard will dress up with long flowing robes of brighter colors. The good wizards will often be in a light shade and even white. The wizard will have longer hair that is often gray and long. It will flow down the back of the wizard as a sign of wisdom and stature. The wizard will also have a really neat looking staff. The staff will have a glass ball of some really unique decoration in the handle that gives the wizard powers to see into the future. Wizards will also have some unique jewelry that is enchanted. The jewelry will give the wizard additional powers.

Wizard of Oz Costumes

One of the most friendly costumes for witches are from The Wizard of Oz. You can dress up like Dorothy, the good white witch, the evil black witch with a green face, the cowardly lion, the brainless scarecrow, and the wizard himself. Children love The Wizard of Oz and love to dress up like the characters. They will also love adults to dress up as the characters.

At Halloween time, you can often find a dark red pair of shiny slippers that look like the ones that Dorothy had in The Wizard of Oz. Girls will often get some red slippers and then just get a plain looking blue and white checkered dress to dress up like Dorothy.

To dress up like the tin man, you can put a metal funnel on your head and then use some silver makeup on your face. The pants can simply be silver material. The chest area is a little more tricky. You might use some metal trash can lids draped over you with some chains.

The Lion is a costume that will require some sewing. You can simply get some yellow material and sew it into a lion. This costume is hard to make and would probably make more sense to purchase.

The straw man is an easy costume to make. You wear some old overalls and a plaid felt shirt and stuff it with straw coming out. Then you stuff straw into an old hat and put straw in your pants and shoes, as well. Then, paint some freckles on your face with makeup and a half smile on your face.

The Kitchen Witch

The kitchen witch is a term that is about making the bathroom and kitchen a special place with potions and lotions. There are schools you can go to and learn how to make the perfect aromatic supplies. Over time, you can learn the exact combinations that work best for you and your family. Part of being a kitchen witch is to help others feel happy through the sense of good food, good potions, and good lotions.

There is even a figurines called the kitchen witch to remind you of the essences that are in lotions in potions. The figurines are all part of the perfect kitchen or bathroom.

Fantasy Wizards and Witches

It is fun to imagine what a wizard or witch might do. For example, in Harry Potter, it is neat to see all the good things Harry can do with the flick of his wand or the might of his thoughts. One of the reasons it is so fascinating is that there is indeed an element of truth in what fantasy witches and wizards do.

We all know that there is something bigger than humans, in the universe. There are people that have visited the other side and come back to tell us about it. There are lots of thing scientists are discovering that can't be seen with the naked eye, but reveal amazing thing about the universe. There are so many planets and realities out there that we have barely scratched the surface. In other words, there is something true about mystical powers. The only thing is that you can't put it into a bottle and reproduce it like science. It is close to the individual and precious to few.

What people like about the fantasy characters is that they can escape from their lives, for a moment, and see what a world would be like where humans were able to do more than they now can. The ideas have been going around for millenia. Around 500 Ad, Merlin the magician was mystical advisor to King Arthur. Merlin had uncanny wisdom. He could talk to animals, cast spells, and ward off evil witches. Of course, many people think Merlin was simply fantasy. In any case, the legends alone show that people thought about having and using mystical power before many religions were even created.

We all know people that seem to have more ability than others. Some people seem to know what is going to happen in the future more than another person. The reasons are many as to why that is they case, but it seems to be true. Some people are attuned to different things. Those that prophecy can do great things to help people, to warn people, and to be there for people. The world of witches and wizards is about getting to know who you are and seeking out good. We certainly don't advocate doing anything evil to another person. Evil is evil and witches and wizards can be good or evil. That means the act of being a witch or wizard doesn't exactly tell you the goodness of the people.

In the movies, the good witch is beautiful and dresses in white. The evil witch is ugly and dresses in black. However, in real life the most beautiful people can be the most evil and some of the ugly people are actually the good ones. The way to know people is to look at their heart. Look for a heart that is pure and clean. Learn to look at people in a non judgmental way in which they feel love. If you can do this properly, you will find that those seeking goodness will know you and help you.


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